First Trip Back to the GC: Day 3, Part 3

Day 3, May 5, Napa Rose Lounge

One thing I have to say is that I’m loving the fact that I’m writing another DL/DCA trip report. It connects me to our life just a bit over a year and a half ago when we were living in Las Vegas. All is right in my world, then. 🙂

And if you remember those trips, you also remember that we’ve eaten in the Napa Rose restaurant twice and the lounge several times. In fact, the lounge followed by socializing out by the firepit had become a regular thing for us. You can imagine our surprise when we entered the restaurant and the CM asked if we had a reservation and we said, “We just want to eat in the Lounge” and she asked for our name. I kept saying, “We just want to eat in the Lounge” and she kept writing things down and shaking her head and saying, “Yes, for the Lounge.”

As she led us to probably the worst table in the room right by the check-in desk where most people lean on the railing, she explained that the Lounge no longer has open seating. She laughed and then said, “People were fighting over tables, standing by them, pushing people out the door just to get a certain table.” I suppose, like in any restaurant, we could have asked for a different table but after that speech, I was afraid to. 🙂

We were handed the full menu and we browsed it, noting that you can order off the entire menu, even the tasting menu in the Lounge. What we love about the Lounge is the relaxed, comfortable seating, but we wouldn’t want to order the Tasting Menu in there. But we did notice some of the larger really comfy tables where families were eating a full meal together. Now that looked quite appealing. We could imagine families with kids wanting to do that – much more comfortable for them.

But we weren’t all that hungry so we planned to order a couple of appetizers with some wine, of course. The Disney Parks blog mentioned a salmon trio that Chef Andrew Sutton had entered into a contest for the Kentucky Derby Challenge. This was on the menu so, of course, we ordered that. We also ordered the Wild Mushroom Risotto. And 2 glasses of MacMurray Ranch Pinot Noir (you may recall our history with MacMurray Ranch).

We took turns walking through the Restaurant, past the Chef’s Counter to the restrooms (making note of the Chef’s Counter for perhaps my birthday dinner). Rich was wearing one of his Angels shirts so he ended up chatting with somebody about the team.

While sipping our wine, we overheard people talking to the CMs at the desk mentioning how they were long-time Disneyland fans and were not happy with all of the changes. Ah, yes, kindred spirits. And then the waiter brought over our appetizers, totally friendly, calling us “his special Angels fans” and giving us extra service, we were “locals,” and I think the servers also look for this interaction now with so many out-of-towners these days. But the service is always superb at Napa Rose and it felt great to be back home.

The Salmon Trio: Tangerine-cured salmon belly sashimi; a pan-roasted fillet with crispy skin on an English pea coulis, topped with house-cured salmon roe and Eureka lemon; and an escabéche featuring fresh salmon cut in perfect miniature cubes and tossed with cucumber, mint and cilantro.

It was a bit difficult to share the salmon and feel like you were getting enough of it to really judge it but the amazing flavor still came through. Maybe we should have each had an order of that to get more of it.

The Wild Mushroom Risotto was much more appropriate for sharing. Our server brought over a spoon to “scrape out the bottom.” And after we did that, well, I have a picture of Rich licking the bowl – lol!

We toyed with the idea of ordering another appetizer but just had more of the amazing bread instead. And then we ordered dessert.

We loved the Creme Brulee, Andrew Sutton-style. We didn’t see it on the menu, so Rich asked about it and she said, yes, they did have Creme Brulee. I think before it was raspberry but this time it was Tahitian Vanilla Creme Brulee with Passion Fruit/Mango Sauce


This is our favorite Creme Brulee hands down – different flavor as before but just as amazing! It’s like a deconstructed creme brulee with the crunchy part on the bottom and when you dig into it, the tahitian vanilla oozes out of it.

We were quite satisfied. Later, we wondered if anybody used the firepit anymore or was that also something that had to be reserved? We’ll have to get to the bottom of this on our next trip. But it was great to be back – awesome food, fabulous service, and lovely atmosphere!

When we returned to our room, we noticed we’d had turndown service for the first time this trip. Perhaps this was the only night we happened to be out of the room during turndown.


I slept through the fireworks again – yay! I really needed my rest. 🙂

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  1. Larry says:

    Sigh. Sounds wonderful. Napa Rose is right up there with Radiator Springs Racers on my list!


  2. Kathy says:

    Yes! Ready to go back!


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