First Trip Back to the GC: Day 4

Day 4, May, Breakfast at the Beach

So sad to see this report come to an and. But moving forward, I can then reflect on things I didn’t mention in this trip report – like some of our ice cream snacks. 🙂

We thought about our options this last morning – did we want to run over to Disneyland for breakfast just to touch it on this trip or keep it fresh for the birthday trip? We chose to save it. We had done everything we’d set out to do and it was a major relief because navigating Disneyland/DCA is becoming trickier and trickier. Besides, we were still on a high from Cars Land.

So we had coffee in our room, packed up, called the bell desk and valet and were soon on the road.

But instead of heading straight through L.A. (which we especially dislike on I-5), we chose to go back on 101 and, therefore, decided there was time to squeeze in a quick trip to the beach and while we’re at it, why not have breakfast at Norm’s, a local SoCal coffee shop chain as seen on Men of a Certain Age.


We drove down Beach Blvd. and besides Harbor Blvd., this is probably the most nostalgic street for me. Highway 39 is the official name and I so recall fond memories at the Highway 39 Drive-in with my family. Beach Blvd. will take you straight to the beach and Norm’s is in Huntington Beach on the left side of the road.

Besides the truly local vibe – I swear I saw people in there who could have gone to school with me – they looked so Brian Wilson-like. lol! So I’m feeling my comfort zone right off-the-bat. And then there’s the food! Delicious and cheap! We’re still talking about the pancakes, made from a 1940s recipe. In fact, my mouth is watering right now.

In fact, because it’s Mother’s Day, I’ll tell a little story about my Mother and SDad. They used to get up early and drive to the beach as the sun was coming up and have breakfast while we were home sleeping. I was probably babysitting age so I suppose it was okay but they never told us when they did this. I’m not sure that was cool! In fact, when we found out about it (don’t remember how – perhaps when we woke up and they weren’t there), we weren’t very happy about it. But, now that I’m an adult, the image of having breakfast at the beach at sunrise is quite appealing. 🙂

Anyway, after our scrumptious breakfast, we drove up and down PCH along Huntington Beach for a brief time, pulled into one of the parking areas, and watched the ocean. Ahhhhhh…. Here’s a picture of Rich at Huntington Beach with the pier and Ruby’s – another fun dining spot – on the pier.

We pulled ourselves away and headed for 405 to connect with 101, which would take us all the way home. Ironically, 101 used  take longer than I-5 but we were home in exactly 6 hours, the same amount of time it took us on I-5. It helped that 405 has a car pool lane and driving through this part of the L.A. area is easier (to us) than on I-5. We’ll stick to this route in the future.

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  1. Larry says:

    I’m also sorry to see this come to an end. Thanks for letting me come along!


  2. Kathy says:

    I just realized I hadn’t written up “final thoughts.”


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