First Week Home

It’s been a busy first week back – thankfully, Rich had some extra time off to unpack most of the boxes, and working from his home office, he gets to unpack more boxes on his breaks – lol!

The first week on a new job is always brutal and this was even more so because of the immediate move. But here it is Friday and I’m starting to feel a bit more sane. And I’ll be taking off a few extra days after Christmas – I can’t wait!

The most sane thing in a long time is being back in our house. We look around and except for a box or two left unpacked or things not yet hung on the walls, it feels like we had never left. The kitties are calmer – we’re all loving the fabulous space to move and think and breathe  – and our shower rivals the one at Encore. 🙂

We’re decorating our house as much as we can in such a short amount of time. We stopped by a tree farm but they only had 7 foot trees left. But we did track down one of those prelit trees so at least we’ll have something. We’ll decorate tonight. We’ll also visit Ethel M all decorated for Christmas and have a Christmas cocktail at the Petrossian Bar at Bellagio – our annual musts when we lived here before.

One of the special things about Christmas in Vegas compared to the Bay Area is the old-fashioned Christmas spirit – people actually say “Merry Christmas.” There are still company Christmas parties and lunches. Nobody worries about being “PC” and/or offending anyone for celebrating Christmas. Las Vegas may be called “Sin City” but give me this kind of old-fashioned sin any day.

As for Disneyland, we’re looking forward to our next trip in either March or April before our Annual Passes expire – planning that will be another Christmas gift for us.

We’re thinking of all of you we met along the way and hoping to celebrate our happiness with you in the future. In the meantime, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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