Unexpected Disneyland/Beach Trip: Day 1, Part 3

One of the good points about having to take the long way around to get to the Alfresco Lounge is that we got to catch up with parts of the park we may have missed. It was weird to see the Rapids ride drained – apparently, they’re doing some kind of refurb.

Walking past Napa Rose and the Grand Californian brought back feelings of nostalgia – we hope we get to stay there again some day. We have ressies for Napa Rose for our July trip.

We also checked out our favorite gift shop –  Rushin’ River Outfitters to see if there was anything we had to have. On an earlier trip, we’d picked up a soft furry tiger that the other cats ignored. But our new kitten, Shadow, loves it.

Feeling refreshed after a tasty meal and libation, we walked around Paradise Pier. We hadn’t been back since we’d moved away. We considered riding Toy Story but the line was at least 45 minutes if not an hour – I don’t quite remember.

Then we made our way to Cars Land to see if it had the magic pull as it did this time last year when we first saw it. It was a spiritual experience sent to us for a reason back then – we felt nothing this time – lol!

We watched a few racers whiz by and then we moved on, hoping to catch a few rides at Disneyland.

This is when we were wishing Disneyland had FastPass Plus. How nice to have your ride reserved for you. The problem with hitting the parks first thing in the evening is that the lines are too long and we end up just relaxing and not riding anything.

After making our rounds, we headed over to Disneyland and peeked into a couple of shops on Main Street. We’d hoped to at least make it to Pirates but we were too tired after all of that walking. We haven’t really been doing our regular walking at home, other than a short walk around the neighborhood, so we didn’t quite have the stamina we usually have – as in we were only good for walking around for 2.5 hours instead of the usual 3. 🙂

We planned to return the next morning to hit the rides.

We saved up just enough energy to make it out to the distant shuttle stop and rode back to our hotel.

Btw, the other thing we didn’t like about this Embassy Suites is that the atrium is much smaller and so are the rooms. The bedroom was a bit claustrophobic. Ever since living in Hotel California, I’m a bit sensitive to lack of space.

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