Unexpected Disneyland/Beach Trip: Day 2, Part 1

The next morning we both woke up with sore backs – the bed was that bad. Rich went downstairs and brought back some breakfast and made us some coffee. He said it took him so long because the elevator was that backed up and here we were on the top floor.

With hurting backs, neither of us were up for Disneyland this morning. In fact, I suggested we check out and go home. This was the first we’d left Shadow and with bad backs and such a busy weekend, we were ready to go home.

We wheeled our suitcase to the elevator and waited and waited and waited and waited. Frustrated, I walked over to the other elevators to see what was up and then I saw that our elevator would be here within seconds. In a mad dash, I tripped on the suitcase and fell flat on my face. My neck, knee, and back were really hurting then.

We were tempted to go straight home but I suggested we check out the Byzantine Catholic Church in Anaheim. We’d wanted to do this for so long but were usually too caught up with Disney and the beach and didn’t have time. Besides, after the morning we were having, we figured we needed some Grace. 🙂

The church was a beautiful experience and we were wishing we could make this our home church.

ByzAnaIt was pretty large for a Byzantine Church.

ByzinsideBy the time the service was over, I had the inspiration of checking to see if our favorite little hotel (what we like to call our “beach condo”) in Fountain Valley near Huntington Beach was available. Rich called and yes, they had one room left. We couldn’t check in until 4 p.m. so we headed for lunch and the beach.

When my new high school friend from Los Amigos (she was in the class 3 years after me) mentioned Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach, that rang a bell from the old days. So we decided to have lunch there. Nothing like a good Tiki bar with yummy Hawaiian atmosphere, Mai Tais, and food to match.

donthebeachcomberRich will write up the “Wining & Dining” report.

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