Unexpected Disneyland/Beach Trip: Day 2, Part 3

After lunch, our room still wasn’t ready so we drove down PCH and toured the beaches from Huntington Beach to Newport Beach. The beaches were very crowded, as you can imagine on a holiday weekend. We couldn’t find a place to park – or at least not where we wanted to pay the $15 just for a short time – so we just drove around soaking up the beach city atmosphere.

It was fun noticing the dive bars in old Huntington Beach, unlike the downtown area that is all cleaned up and touristy.

shanghaidHuntington Harbor is one of our favorite places because it reminds us of where we lived on Redwood Shores in the Bay Area.

Sunset-Huntington Harbor Homes for SaleIt was getting close to check-in time, so we headed back to our little beach condo with a stop at the store to pick up some wine and cheese and crackers, figuring we’d just stay in since we’d spent all day out and about. And just as we were getting close, they called to tell us our room was ready.

We checked in and hauled our suitcase and our stuff inside. We then relaxed, sipping and talking and snacking. I felt so content. It was so peaceful. I slept so well. I always do there. Last time we stayed there, we’d walked the beach among the campfires and I went to sleep with the scent of smoke in my hair and it was so relaxing. I knew I was home.

So I did the math and realized we were only 3.2 miles from my childhood home. It was the same feeling you have when you’re a kid and you feel totally safe and snug in your bed after wearing yourself out at Disneyland – oh what a feeling!

The next morning, Rich brought back breakfast and we sipped our coffee, packed up, checked out, and then drove home.

We had an uneventful drive home and didn’t stop for lunch until we got to Baker. Del Taco, of course. 🙂 We did notice the Californians stuck in traffic going the other direction, leaving Las Vegas for home.

It was a very short trip and we didn’t do nearly what we would have liked, like ride some rides, but we figured we could do that on the July trip.

Since then we’ve had a change of plans. We’ve decided to stay local and attend the Elvis festival, including a Joe Esposito tour (Joe was a close friend of Elvis and part of the “Memphis Mafia.”)

We’re looking forward to our next trip to Disneyland in September. We’re hoping to arrive at opening and ride all the rides before we start relaxing.

While I wish we could do both Vegas and Disneyland in July, this is exactly what we did last year: two trips to Disneyland (May and September) and a birthday trip to Vegas in July.

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