“Too Old for Disneyland” Beach & Booze Trip, Day 2 Part 1

I forgot to mention that the night before we’d made our usual halfway stop in Barstow for a quick dinner at Del Taco. We had our favorite – Del Meat Burrito, which is a Del Taco classic. True, it’s still fast food but it’s made fresh and is a step above Taco Bell.

I also forgot to mention how fun it is when we’re at Disneyland Resort at the same time friends are at Disney World. Sue sends out an email report at the end of each day and we enjoy reading it before bed.

Anyway, we weren’t any in any big hurry to get up this morning. Rich gets up every day to go to work – actually, the cats wake him up yelling or breakfast before he’s ready to get up. So relaxing in the morning on vacay is quite attractive. He noticed his back was hurting from that “Heavenly” bed. It must be time to replace them because it wasn’t nearly as Heavenly as it was a few years ago.

Rich made us coffee in the pot provided in the room and we ate a breakfast bar and took our time relaxing and talking about what we wanted to do. After the first cup, we still weren’t ready to get going so he made us some decaf and we continued sipping, talking, and relaxing. This was a real treat from our normal day.

Neither of us enjoy the pressure of getting to the park, standing in line and racing around. I did commando in my younger days. We’d get there right at park opening (sometimes having driven straight from the Bay Area in the middle-of-the-night) and have our strategy all worked out – you know, which ride to ride first, second, third, etc. In fact, he’d notate on the park map the time we got on and off each ride. To make great time was the highlight of his day. How many rides can you ride in a short amount of time? We’d hop from ride to ride from park opening to park closing in order to ride every single blasted ride.

Rich and I take the more leisurely approach, which gets more leisurely the older we get. In fact, after the Indiana Jones mess (they stuck it between 2 other rides and the lines were so long and spilled into Main Street), I swore I’d never go to Disneyland again. 🙂 No wonder we vowed to move to Florida the first time we visited WDW together – Magic Kingdom alone is far more spacious.

Anyway, we were discussing whether to take the shuttle, which we weren’t really in the mood for or just park at Downtown Disney and limit ourselves to 3 hours, which is usually how long we do Disney at any one sitting. The parking garage is free for AP holders and so is 3 hours at DD, but we often spend a little extra and valet at DD so it’s not like we’re looking for free parking. We’re looking for what works for our Disney day. We opted for Downtown Disney.

We showered and dressed and called Valet and our car was waiting for us by the time we made it downstairs. Hilton gave us very good service throughout the trip, which was nice. It really is the nicest off-site hotel and certainly nicer than Paradise Pier.

We headed for Downtown Disney – the second exit – not the first (shich is behind Paradise Pier and too far to walk) and noticed the entrance to the parking lot was coned off and there were white tents set up throughout the parking lot. Oh crap, the stupid Marathon had taken over Downtown Disney parking and would be set up for the entire weekend.

Our only choice at this point was the dreaded parking garage. We turned around a couple of times and finally made our way. Of course, the CMs directed us to the roof of the garage so our car would be exposed to sun all day and, of course, they directed us to the farthest parking spots from the escalator on the far side of the garage. Oh how we hate this garage. It’s not natural, either. to have somebody directing you to a parking spot. At the airport, you find your own way. Grrrr!!!

So we were following the CMs directions and Rich kept saying, “What are we going to do? I need to make a decision now” as we got closer and closer. So annoyed and not really in the mood for Disneyland this morning, i said, “Let’s go to the teach.” And so we did. In fact, as soon as we’d exited the garage, I said, “Pull over, I want to drive.” 🙂

We were headed for a tour of my last SoCal house, the one that I sit in front of and some sort of trance comes over me and I never want to leave. I can’t explain it but it’s overpowering. Maybe it’s because it feels like family. I once told somebody that in Florida and she understood why, as much as I love Florida, I can’t stay for long. When a place is family, you can’t email it, you can’t text it, you can’t call it. You have to drive over and visit it. And Florida is just too far to do that on a regular basis. Anyway, this time it was the neighbor’s house I found so interesting. Maybe because I used to babysit the 2 little girls and dream of my independent future in that house.


We eventually did leave and found our way to Duke’s in Huntington Beach for lunch.

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