“Too Old for Disneyland” Beach & Booze Trip, Day 3 Part 2

After our nap, we were hungry and decided to get something to eat at the hotel before embarking on our Disneyland adventure. So we showered and got dressed and went down to the hotel restaurant. It was so quiet and relaxing in there. We shared a meatball pizza with a couple of glasses of water to drink. It was too late for caffeine for me and we weren’t in the mood for anything stronger about our FABs out by the pool. 🙂

We then purchased our shuttle passes in front of the hotel and found the bus across the street at the Marriott. I’ve learned not to run because the last time I did that, I tripped on my slightly too big Tevas and fell on the luggage – lol! We were happy the bus was still there by the time we got there.

It was an odd experience riding a city bus to go to Disneyland with stops along the way. But at least, we were let off at our favorite close-in bus loading area – the hotel shuttles get the farther stops now – another change.

We stood in a short line to enter the park but the family in front of us was pulled aside. When she saw our APs, she asked us, “Do you have Premium?” and we said yes and were allowed entry. Apparently, for those who only have the Deluxe passes, Sunday was a blackout date on this holiday weekend and that family couldn’t use their APs but had to purchase a separate ticket for that day. They probably didn’t want to disappoint their kids so they were getting tickets. (See Disneyland Annual Passes.)

We entered the park on the left, as is our tradition since childhood. The parade had just ended so there was quite a crowd coming out and we were coming in. In fact, we were following the tail-end of the parade.

We’d read so much about specialty cupcakes at the Jolly Holiday Bakery from the Disney Food Blog that we’d made a special stop to see what they had. We were in the mood for some dessert and had been dreaming of this for quite some time. Well, as often happens on the Disney Food Blog, whatever their experience is must be special because it’s never the same when we try.

matterhorn1There were no cupcakes at the Jolly Holiday Bakery. In fact, there were just a few usual Mickey cookies. They mostly had sandwiches and people seemed to be in line to get those for dinner. We turned around and left and headed for Adventureland. But first we noticed how bald the Matterhorn looked. Good grief – what have they done to it? I’d heard that the refit of the bobsleds are quite disappointing but I didn’t realize they’d melted half the snow – lol!

We came upon the Jungle Cruise and decided to jump in line. It said 20 minutes but it didn’t look that long at all. And then I saw the line, going up and down and all around. When did the Disneyland Jungle Cruise line have stairs like at WDW? Is this another case of “I had no idea,” which seemed to be the theme of this trip? Sometimes we don’t remember the differences because we’ve now visited WDW far more than Disneyland since we’ve lived in Florida twice.

I didn’t trip getting in the boat (yay!) and we enjoyed sort of, the ride. I find the female guides so annoying – they seem to overdo the jokes. Oh well… at least we were finally on a ride. Woo hoo!

Then we headed for Pirates. Its line was also about 20 minutes or so. It snaked around in new places, too. At least we weren’t the only ones who thought so. The NorCal couple in front of us said, “I don’t think I’ve ever been in this part of the park before.” lol! Me neither. We couldn’t help remember how much more fun standing in the Pirates line was back when we’d closed out the wine event in DCA beforehand. Those were the good ole days back when they had the Food & Wine Festival. We all knew they’d never come back – mostly locals attended and Disneyland’s goal is to block out the locals and bring in the not-locals.

After Pirates, we found ourselves in Critter Country and on the Pooh ride. I love, love, love this part of the park. It’s quiet and peaceful and relaxing. Pooh is in the old Country Bears locations – if you want to ride that attraction, you have to go to Disney World.

After Pooh, we made our usual stop in the bakery, hoping to find something yummy for dessert. We saw snickerdoodle cookies, which is Rich’s favorite, so we got 2 of them. They were huge. We figured we’d have one in the hotel room for a bedtime snack and the other in the morning with coffee before we left for home.

After that, we’d considered doing our usual walk past Big Thunder and through Fantasyland before heading back down Main Street and the shuttle back to the hotel. But we were absolutely exhausted and knew we’d better head out then before we totally collapsed. See? We’re getting too old for Disneyland. 🙂

Next: final night and final thoughts wrap-up.

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