“Too Old for Disneyland” Beach & Booze Trip, Final Night & Wrap-Up

We shuttled back to the hotel, rinsed off the sweat from a bit of a humid night at Disneyland (felt like Florida coming in from Las Vegas), got into our sleep wear and bit into our bedtime cookies. Ick, ick ick! Hard as a rock! This is the second time Disneyland cookies have disappointed us. Last year, the Halloween cookie was completely inedible. This time it was just dry. Rich suggested it might work dipped in coffee the next morning so we saved the cookies for then.

Yes, the Disneyland experience diminishes with each visit. Cheap merchandise, bad cookies, bad park planning, high prices that keep getting higher and higher. When will enough be enough? It’s sad cuz we and our other Disneylander friends know how fabulous it’s been – and recently, too. But ever since we moved back from Florida after the Cars Land opening, the experience is not quite as good.

For the 22 years we lived in the Bay Area, we only did Disneyland once a year in October and that’s about how often we really need to do that park now. We’ve gotten into the wonderful habit of hanging out in DCA, eating, sipping wine, talking, people-watching, and just relaxing. We’d felt so guilty about not doing Disneyland and we were determined to get some rides in! But DCA is our home park now – much like Epcot is at Disney World.

We miss the days when we could easily find discounted rooms onsite and now staying offsite, we rely heavily on being able to pop in to Downtown Disney and valet our car there. So when that was confiscated for the Half-Marathon and Health Fair, well, that put a bit of a damper on that plan.

But we had a blast anyway and even managed to ride 3 rides in a row at Disneyland – that’s a record for us these days. Beside, we often felt guilty for leaving the resort to go offsite so at least we don’t have to feel that way now. We’d happily take the guilt if we could find ourselves onsite again.

We have a really short October trip planned for a weekend beach trip but we hope to pop in our one night and hang out at DCA again – we miss our favorite park. We also miss the Grand Californian, Napa Rose Lounge & fire pit, Hearthstone Lounge, the Lobby, the gift shop, the GC pool, Downtown Disney musicians David Wayne and Alturas, and Trader Sam’s and our privileged entry into DCA from the GC. Boy, those were the days! We’ll see if we can still sneak some fun in somewhere in there.

The next morning we dipped those cookies in our coffee and they were quite good. We left Anaheim about 9:30 a.m. and arrived in Vegas around 1:30, stopping for lunch at Tommy’s in Barstow.

It’s always difficult to leave the glorious ocean air behind and this time it was especially hard to make that switch to the desert air. But once we arrived home, well, home never felt so good. In SoCal, I felt old and vulnerable. In my Vegas home I feel comfortable and secure and that’s priceless.

The kitties were so happy to see us and they’re still a bit jumpy, so worried we might leave again, but these trips are necessary for our mental health. Overall, it really was a good trip, in spite of some of the downsides. But beach, pool, nostalgia, and Disneyland make for a pretty special weekend.

Thanks for reading – see you next time!

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