Life’s a Beach, Day 2, Part 2

My “Modern Musician Capstone Project” is starting on Monday so I thought I’d finish up this report.

By the time we made it back to our Huntington Beach villa, we were really tired. Rich hadn’t recovered from the day before – working all day and driving the 4 hours to HB. I’d awakened due to a bad dream and the fish tacos didn’t sit right with me. And my back was hurting from that bed. Another bad bed.

So we took a nap and for that short amount of time, the bed didn’t do any more damage. Still, we were exhausted. We discussed whether we were up for Disneyland that night or the beach. We checked wait times for Disneyland to assess how crowded it might be that night since it was a holiday weekend for schools, postal workers, and bank employees, etc. Yep, it was pretty packed.

We were so tired and couldn’t even think about the idea of hauling ourselves to Disneyland and fighting the crowds. We weren’t really up for the beach either. So, believe it or not, we stayed in our room. We picked up some frozen pasta dinners to heat in the microwave, enjoyed our wine, and listened to Mary Gauthier, our new favorite singer/songwriter. She was very inspiring for my own songwriting.

Besides, for us, it just feels awesome to be hanging out at “home.”

We could go to Disneyland or the beach the next morning. So, I asked Rich, “When we get back home and we’re sitting in our living room with our Disney Halloween decorations, which would you be the happiest about remembering – Disneyland or the beach?”

We both thought it would probably be Disneyland.


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