Life’s a Beach, Day 3

The next morning my back was really hurting. That bed was terrible! On our last trip, it was Rich’s back that hurt from the bed. The time before that, it was both of us. The time before that, it was mine. It’s always one or the other or both. It’s so hard to get a good night’s sleep on beds not our own. 🙂

So, with an aching back, Disneyland seemed out of the question. Walking on the beach sounded like a better idea. But first, breakfast at Norm’s.

We love Norm’s because it offer good food at a cheap price with a local vibe. Rich ordered the Steak & Eggs Special with pancakes and hash browns and I ordered the Pancakes with a side order of link sausage. We just love their pancakes! This way we wouldn’t have to stop for lunch on the way home.


Rich shared the hash browns with me (love my potatoes!) and I shared the sausage links with him.

Then we headed for Newport Beach, my special, special childhood beach. The drive, the parking lot, and the beach – it’s all so special to me. We walked on the beach barefoot and then past the beach cottages and back. I so didn’t want to leave. It’s home.



But we had to get back to Las Vegas to rest up a bit before the next busy work week began so off we went with plans to come back often. And we were happy with our decision to spend our last moments at the beach instead of Disneyland (just look at those happy feet – lol).

Disneyland loses some of its draw for me once I’m back in my hometown locale, which is one of “the beach cities.” Anaheim is way too inland and doesn’t have as much nostalgia as the beach does. I’ll write more about that in the final thoughts post next.

We arrived home uneventfully and the kitties were so happy to see us. I wasn’t as happy to be home as I used to be after these trips. My head and heart were still at the beach.


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