Valentine’s Dinner at Carthay Circle Trip Report, Day 2, Part 1

Who: Rich and Kathy
Anaheim Hilton
February 13-16, 2015
Valentine’s Weekend

Day Two – Saturday, Plan:

DCA: Pick up fast passes for Radiator Springs Racers. Ride Soarin’ and Toy Story. Dinner at Carthay Circle Restaurant, ride Radiator Springs Racers.

Day Two – Saturday, Actual:

We’d already decided to save both Disney parks for the evening and we’d go to the beach, etc. in the morning and the pool in the afternoon. So we headed for Norm’s in Huntington Beach for breakfast after a brief stop at the old homestead. Believe it or not, I was able to see the house without getting all emotional. Perhaps I’ve seen it enough by now.

Norm’s was decorated with Valentine’s Day balloons and was crowded but the wait wasn’t too long. We both ordered the Norm’s Bigger Better Breakfast, which was a bargain, compared to anything else. The pancakes are special.

Norm’s Bigger Better Breakfast: 2 Bacon Strips, 2 Link Sausages, Grilled Ham, 2 Eggs (over easy), Hash Browns, and 2 Norm’s Fluffy Hotcakes

After breakfast, we drove to the beach but with the fabulous summer weather, it was quite crowded and we told ourselves we’d return the next morning – early. On the drive back to Anaheim, we noticed how backed up the freeway with drivers heading to the beach was.

We were so tired from the night before and the running around so we thought we’d take a nap when we got back to the room. Instead, we decided to head to the pool, remembering how wonderful it was last September. Well, the pool and hot tubs was packed with unruly kids – throwing footballs from the spa to the pool. There didn’t seem to be any parental supervision. After noticing these kids in wet swimsuits and towels climbing into cars, we concluded that these were local kids with 2 adults *supervising* them (not) who had snuck into the pool area. Rich noticed, too, that tons of kids seemed to know each other by name.

We briefly soaked in the hot tub and quickly left. It was so not fun, which was such a disappointment since we’d changed our ressie just for the pool experience. In all fairness, we did enjoy staying at a familiar place so the switch was probably a good thing. And we enjoyed the fireworks from our Disney view room each night.

We napped in the room and then when we awoke, we decided to drive to Downtown Disney and valet park instead of taking the shuttle. It would be a longer walk to Carthay Circle and our parking time would be limited, but we figured it would be worth it to avoid crowds.

So we dressed for dinner and walked the long walk to the elevator and waited a long time and then stopped on every floor even when nobody was there and finally retrieved our car in valet. This was the routine every time we left the hotel. But other than logistics (and the pool crashers), the Anaheim Hilton is a very nice place to stay – friendly, efficient staff, restaurants, bars, gift shops, transportation, etc. This time our bed was plenty comfortable and we never awakened with a sore back. The hotel exudes the atmosphere of a real resort.

By now you may have surmised the reason for the title of this report, the “too old to stay offsite” trip report. There is so much extra work in staying offsite and so we didn’t do everything we might have done had we stayed onsite. For example: the ease in walking down to Radiator Springs to get FastPasses for Racers when staying at the GC. Yes, in the past, we’ve been mighty spoiled.

Also, Soarin and the entire environs was closed for a rehab so we skipped the rides and focused on atmosphere and Valentine’s Day.

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