Valentine’s Dinner at Carthay Circle Trip Report, Day 2, Part 4

The magic continued after dinner. When you step out of the restaurant, you are still enveloped in the scene. The surrounding area of DCA is so tied in with the Carthay Circle theming that you really feel like you’ve stepped back in time and truly are in Walt’s Hollywood of the 1930s. What a perfect place to plant a big Valentine’s kiss.

We made our way through Downtown Disney and stopped again at the stage near the valet parking. We caught another fabulous band with dancers. By the way, there are several stages throughout Disneyland resort and the plan was to keep the party going on all of them – sort of a Progressive dance party.

stage2We were so caught up in the fun that we were about 20 minutes over our valet time, but that meant we’d just pay an extra $2, well worth the fabulous night.

We drove back to the hotel, left the car with the Hilton valet and elevatored back to our room on the tenth floor. As an extra bonus, we got to see the Disneyland fireworks from our room.

Btw, when we first got the idea to celebrate Valentine’s weekend at Disneyland, we called Napa Rose for dinner reservations. Too late – it was full. So our second choice was Carthay Circle – as it turned out, it was the perfect excuse to finally dine there. We’re already making plans to return.

Also, speaking of dancing, we heard a rumor that one of the things coming out of the Soarin’ area refurb is turning Taste Pilot’s Grill into a 1940s supper club. That would be so cool if it is true! And could it be “Soaring Over the World” is replacing Soarin over California? And Stars Wars is replacing Toon Town? I will be sad if that is true, although we rarely get to Toon Town (except for Christmas), but we’ll probably never get to Star Wars.


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  1. Larry says:

    Yep, I’m definitely going to have to shoot for Carthay Circle AND Napa Rose!


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