Valentine’s Dinner at Carthay Circle Trip Report, Day 3

Who: Rich and Kathy
Anaheim Hilton
February 13-16, 2015
Valentine’s Weekend

Day Three – Sunday, Plan:

Morning: Church at Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church. Beach and Lunch.

Evening: Downtown Disney. Disneyland Park.

Day Three – Sunday, Actual:

We woke up so exhausted, we couldn’t get out of bed. So we slept in, eventually got up for coffee and shared a breakfast bar. Even the beach seemed daunting. For one thing, we knew it would probably be crowded and we’d have to get moving soon if we wanted to stake out our spot. It sounded like too much work.

What about the pool? After the previous day’s experience, we didn’t trust that it wouldn’t be a disaster filled with rowdy, rambunctious kids. Besides, we could barely lift our heads, let alone get dressed, walk down to the elevator, wait for the elevator, and ride the elevator down to the fifth floor.

We decided we needed a lazy day. So we took a morning nap. When we woke up, we considered our options again. What about the parks? We could go and just walk around and soak up the atmosphere if the afternoon lines were too long. That also sounded like too much work. We were that exhausted. We also realized that staying offsite was a decided disadvantage. Onsite, you can usually find the energy to get downstairs and take a quick stroll around the park or maybe even… gasp… ride a ride.

We ordered room service for lunch.

Steakhouse Cheeseburger: brioche bun, cheddar cheese

Blue Moon beer

Lunch was delicious and with our Disney view, we almost felt like we were at the parks. From this perspective, though, we realized how hideous the back side of Cars Land is – couldn’t they have done a better job at camouflaging the back side of what looks like a movie set?

Whenever we have a *scenic* view of Disneyland Park – either staying in an E-Ticket Club room at the Disneyland hotel or the Anaheim Hilton, we really miss Disney World – it’s much more scenic from up high. Of course, we’ve been spoiled by invitations to friends’ rooms at Bay Lake Towers.

We were totally lazy all day and night long. We only left the room to get some fresh air outside – it was such a beautiful day. We also stopped in the gift shop. And then back to the room – we were so exhausted!

Toward evening, we packed our suitcases, and ordered room service for dinner.

Meatball Flatbread: Signature house-made meatballs, spicy arrabiata sauce, mozzarella

Wine: Terrazas Altos del Plata Malbec, Argentina

The meal was delicious and it was totally relaxing watching the distant park activity (well, maybe the cars driving on Katella) and the fireworks.

Somewhere in there, we watched “The Bachelor” and then went to sleep.

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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Dinner at Carthay Circle Trip Report, Day 3

  1. Larry says:

    Sometimes you just need a lazy day. I agree about the backside of Cars Land from your picture. The same is unfortunately true of the backside of Expedition Everest, though I don’t think there’s anything that overlooks it. You can almost picture the meeting between the Imagineers and the bean counters, can’t you?


  2. Kathy says:

    I hadn’t noticed that about Everest. What makes this so terrible is that the backside of Cars Land faces the streets of Anaheim. You’d think they’d want to show a better side to the public. At car level I’d noticed foliage and thought, okay, they’re trying to hide the ugliness with trees but when you have a view room, oh boy, you really notice it! Guess most locals don’t see that view.


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