The Cat in the Hat Trumps Mickey Mouse Pre-Trip Report, Part 3: Pre-Cruise Shopping


Who: Rich and Kathy
Mexican Riviera Cruise
May, 2015
Need a Cruise More Than Disneyland

Today is Rich’s first anniversary at Allegiant Airlines. He is so needing a vacation and with his airline discount on Carnival, we couldn’t resist booking a cruise soon after the one-year event.

My Florida/vacation wardrobe has been dwindling so it was time to do a bit of shopping. I’m not a big fan of shopping and prefer to do as much online as I can. This is also the first week-long cruise we’ve taken since the Grand Princess Caribbean Cruise in December of ’02. No, we can’t believe it either. Since then we took a couple of short cruises – also hard to believe. But with a couple of moves to Florida and back in-between, we’ve been a bit busy – oh yeah! 🙂

In recent years, we haven’t really gone all out for formal night and on Carnival, it isn’t necessary. But I did decide I wanted to wear a dress. I haven’t worn a dress since our ’97 Celebrity cruise – not anywhere. Gasp! Not a fan of dresses, I was starting to miss wearing one so I found one online that I like. Maxi dresses seem to be in style but this one is a bit long with my dress sandals – I really can’t wear heels anymore for back reasons – so I may have to take it to the dry cleaner’s for some alterations. We’ll see.

The last time I wore a dress was on that cruise – I loved that dress! I wanted to wear it as a wedding dress but wasn’t quite appropriate for our Orthodox wedding. I did have a beautiful wedding dress that made me feel like a Princess. So I bought this dress 7 months after the wedding for our first cruise together and Rich’s first cruise/first trip to Florida.

Besides my new dress, I also found some knee-length shorts and a couple of tops. I should be able to fill in with the rest of my wardrobe. I still have that fabulous Esther Williams swimsuit I got for the birthday trip to Encore and it’ll be nice to have a reason to wear it. I also have a second suit as a back-up.

Next we’ll have to focus on Rich’s wardrobe to see if he needs something new.

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