The Cat in the Hat Trumps Mickey Mouse Pre-Trip Report, Part 4: Dry Dock and PV

Who: Rich and Kathy
Mexican Riviera Cruise
May, 2015
Need a Cruise More Than Disneyland

We’ve been calling this “The Cat in the Hat Trumps Mickey Mouse Pre-Trip Report,” because we’d booked this cruise after seeing the new “Cat in the Hat” breakfast on the Mouse Steps video instead of the trip to Disneyland in April. The “Cat in the Hat” breakfast is part of Carnival 2.0 and we’d read that the Miracle was going into dry dock before our cruise to get these features. But after reading the first cruise report after dry dock on Cruise Critic, we’re wondering if all the shows and the “Cat in the Hat” breakfast will be ready by our cruise.

But if not, that will be okay. I think. We’re excited to get back on a week-long cruise and see what PV is like today. I’d first visited PV by air (return trip to San Francisco via Guadalajara), and I’m curious to see how it’s changed other than the cobblestone streets being paved over. So sad. The cobblestone streets were one of the highlights back in 1981.

Puerto Vallarta was my first tropical destination and I remembered the sweet-scented coconut air that screamed tropics. I stared at the brochures on a daily basis and was so wowed by the jungle flora. Since then I’ve been to the Bahamas, the Eastern Caribbean, the Western Caribbean (Caribbean side of Mexico), Hawaii, and even lived in Florida. I’ve also been to Asia Pacific: Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. So what would PV feel like to me now after having experienced those tropical destinations?


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