Summer of 2015 Kickoff: Miracle on the Mexican Riviera, Day 2: Day at Sea

Sunday, May 17, Day 2, Day at Sea

After a restful night’s sleep to the motion of the ocean, we woke up before our breakfast was delivered. We’d hung one of those room service thingies out the night before noting our preferred time. Actually, we’d said between 7:00-7:15 and it was delivered at 7:30. We also set our clocks forward one hour to Mountain Time and the ship would remain on this time even when we were in Puerto Vallarta, which is actually on Central Time.

It was cool and cloudy this morning so we donned our robes provided in our stateroom and sat out on the balcony sipping our coffee and eating our cereal and danish. The danish was very boring throughout the cruise and tasted like day old store bought danish.

We then showered and dressed between 10:30-11:00 and walked the Promenade. The deck was being cleaned by the crew and some parts were still wet. We had to laugh because when we read Sue’s cruise reports, we notice she gets up before 6:00 and wonders why the crew is still cleaning the decks then. What would she think about the decks being hosed down this late in the day?

promenadeFavorite part of any ship

Rich_aftAft – another favorite spot

We would discover this was the cruise for the late crowd – those wishing to sleep in late after partying all night. This also seemed like a bigger party crowd than the 3-day on the Paradise and we thought those were the party boats.

We were hungry for lunch so we prowled the ship looking for it. Rich suggested the Sea Day Brunch in the dining room (Carnival no longer serves breakfast or lunch in the dining room – just sea day brunch). I was in the mood for lunch – not brunch – and we were scheduled to have a big dinner that night.

We headed for the buffet but it was breakfast everywhere – even a special “late risers” breakfast out by the pool. I was a bit frustrated looking for lunch so we sat down at a poolside table and Rich ordered us the Fun Ship special while I investigated the grill on the opposite side. I wonder now if I saw somebody with lunch or I was just curious and determined to find lunch. 🙂

I headed over to the grill opposite the breakfast grill and yes, indeed, they were serving hamburgers and hot dogs. Woo hoo! I fixed a plate of burgers and fries for each of us and headed back to our table. We enjoyed our drink and lunch and music and poolside atmosphere, especially now that the sun was making itself known a bit more. Now we’re talkin! This is what a cruise is all about!

Rich_drinkThe cruise has officially started!

burgersNothing like burgers and fries out by the pool!

We then dipped our toes in the pool around 1:15 before helping ourselves to some soft serve ice cream. It was nice to know that my ice cream swirl skills were still up-to-par since my first job when I was 16. 🙂

poolMidship pool

icecream_kathyKathy enjoying her ice cream in her Disney red 🙂

We stopped in the shops but were disappointed at what we found. The only books were Seuss books – at least we found a bit of “Seuss at Sea” presence. I did find a white sweatshirt with Carnival discreetly stitched on the front just in case we were any more cool days on the cruise. But we enjoyed shopping on the Paradise a lot more.

We then headed back to our cabin for an afternoon nap.

Tonight was “elegant” night and because we choose “Anytime” or “Your Time” or whatever the flexible dining is called on each particular ship, we like to make a dining reservation in one of the specialty restaurants on formal night to guarantee a table at a set time. On this cruise, it was Nick & Nora’s Steakhouse. It started out as a supper club with dancing but they have since changed it to be just a steakhouse. We’d read really good reviews for this restaurant and the steaks were highly-recommended. There was a $35 pp surcharge, one of the higher charges on mass market cruise ships.

We took our second shower of the day and I must say this stateroom had the best cruise ship shower either of us can remember. Unfortunately, the hair dryer didn’t want to work a second time and it completely stopped as my hair was only half dry. Oh my goodness! I panicked! I had also discovered the the shower dispenser only had “shampoo” and the second vial was shower gel – not conditioner. Next time I will bring my own because after a week with cruise shampoo only, my hair was taking a hit. And how the dryer wasn’t working. Yikes!

Rich contacted Hadi, our steward, and he reported it but it looked like nobody was going to arrive to fix it before our 7 p.m. reservation. I tried fingering my hair but that was making it worse. Finally, I tried the dryer again and it started working. Whew! Catastrophe avoided. We took pictures of each other in the cabin just in case we didn’t have a photo op tonight and headed for Nick & Nora’s, which was located on the top of the ship.

Rich will write about our dinner in the next installment.

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