Summer of 2015 Kickoff: Miracle on the Mexican Riviera, Day 3: Day at Sea

Monday, May 18, Day 3, Day at Sea

We woke up around 8:30 to room service coffee delivery. We took the coffee, mugs, and a couple of breakfast bars and sat out on the balcony. Rich noticed the Pacific dolphins jumping the waves alongside the ship. We watched those for awhile. These were a bit smaller than Atlantic Bottle-nosed Dolphins.

pacificwhitesideddolphins_swfscPacific dolphins are much smaller than Atlantic Bottle-nosed dolphins

Rich had suggested we do the Sea Day Brunch today but I thought we’d be too full from dinner last night at Nick & Nora’s, but the surprise was I wasn’t too full. So at 10:00 we showered and dressed and arrived at the lower level of the dining room where the brunch was being served. This is the dining room used for “Traditional Dining.”

Rich will write up a separate Sea Day Brunch report.

After brunch, we headed for the Photo Gallery to see how our embarkation photos turned out. There were 2 – we bought one but in the other my hair looked like the Flying Nun so we skipped that one. 🙂 We also bought a photo frame with the ship in the background.

This is the day we signed up for the minimum internet package (45 minutes) because we weren’t able to get our pet sitter’s texts without it.

It was still a bit cloudy out but we were getting closer to Cabo, traveling between 14.5 and 19 knots.

We took a nap  and then got up to check out the Serenity Pool. This is the adult pool in the aft of the ship, which we so enjoyed on the Paradise on both cruises. On the Fantasy-class ship (the Paradise), there are some chaise lounges, 2 hot tubs, and a few chairs/tables in the shade but no bar and no pool. This was our favorite place on the ship. But we were excited to get a bar and a pool in the Serenity area on the Miracle. Last time, on the Paradise, Rich had to go to the main pool to get our drinks and bring them back to the Serenity pool.

Well, there was nothing “serene” about the Serenity deck on this cruise. It had been commandered by the party crowd and it was crazy! They were standing in the pool with their drinks and being totally loud. The music was blaring! People everywhere! This was a huge turn-off to us so we made our way back to one of the Main pools that we’d enjoyed the day before, which was, actually, a lot quieter. It doesn’t usually work this way – at least not on the dozen cruises I’ve been on.

Miracle-Serenity1The Serenity Deck was far more serene while in port

There we ordered a couple of drinks – Miami Vice – and when we were finished, we enjoyed a soak in the hot tub with a few other strangers. 🙂

Because we’d had the Sea Day Brunch, we were finished with the dining room for the day and settled on a slice of pizza and my favorite salad and some ham and cheese bites.

We hit the shore excursion desk. We already had our tickets for our Puerto Vallarta excursion but decided we need something to do in Cabo. So we purchased the Resort Exclusive Beach Break. We’d be transported to a nice resort and have access to both the pool, restaurant, and the beach.

We arrived to turndown service at our cabin – love, love, love this – watched The Voice Finale Part 1 and the first night of the Bachelorette. This was the first time we’d had real TV on any cruise. It was Miami TV on their time zone, but, still, it allowed us to watch the finales of many of our favorite shows. Wouldn’t you know they’d all be happening while we were on a cruise?

One thing about Carnival desserts – other than the ice cream, we’re not a big fan of their desserts. Except for the cookies. But after the first day, we never saw the cookies in the Lido again. So Rich ordered some from room service for our bedtime cookies and milk. We are so missing this service at home.

PS – Cruisers share their advice about helpful items to bring for your cabin and one thing mentioned was a night light, which really helped. I’m the one who usually gets up a few times during the night and it almost always seems as if my side of the bed is the farthest from the bathroom. 🙂

Also, Carnival has the largest cabins at sea for the same category on other ships. And there was extra storage in the closet, which was really nice.

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