Summer of 2015 Kickoff: Miracle on the Riviera, Day 4: Las Caletas

Tuesday, May 19, Day 4: Las Caletas

Puerto Vallarta (PV) is such a fascinating port, it’s hard to choose what experiences to plan. Since our ship was going to be docked overnight, we realized this would be a rare opportunity to experience a nighttime excursion, Rhythms of the Night at Las Caletas.

Our excursion started at 4:00 pm with a raucous 45-minute boat ride across Banderas Bay to Las Caletas, film director John Huston’s PV getaway, accessible only by boat. A complementary Margarita made the trip more enjoyable.

boatSailing into Las Caletas

After a precarious adventure getting from the boat to the dock, we walked up the pathway past a waterfall and the sign for Las Caletas.


IMG_1031Welcome to Las Caletas

Costume characters from the show were all along the pathway.


Stilt Character

We were led up a long, steep path to the John Huston Hut where we chose a table for two under the palapa. Before sitting down, we generously sprayed ourselves with BullFrog Mosquito Coast combination sunscreen and mosquito repellent we had brought with us. We were told beforehand to be sure to use this as we were definitely in a jungle filled with hungry bugs. The fun part of the jungle was hearing the birds chatter at us as we ate.

jungleIt’s a Jungle Out There

We were high at the top of a hill looking down at the water below in a nicely shaded area not too far from the buffet line. After we were seated, a server came by and offered us wine. We chose a glass of red. We were sitting so close to the buffet, we were actually the first in line for the food.

IMG_1039Looking into the Dining Hut (Our table is just inside the hut)

The food was very tasty. The highlights of the meal were the steak, cheese ravioli, stuffed potatoes, macaroni salad, chips with guacamole, and the tortillas. This is when the drunk walked by and slurred, “Are you going to eat all that?”

We ignored him. This is not the way we experience Hawaii. But what we did next was much more like it.

IMG_1040A Tasty Meal

When we were finished eating, we were eager to explore the beach and the water. On the way up the path earlier, we spied some chairs overlooking the water. We asked our tour guide where we could find chairs on the beach, and he led us to the perfect spot.

Rich_PVbeachRelaxing on the Beach

We settled down in waterfront chairs under an umbrella on the beach, and we didn’t want to leave — ever. The view of the beach, the water, and the boats was mesmerizing.

IMG_1045View from the Beach

Eventually, Kathy had to explore the other side of the rocks and dip her feet in the water. She soon returned so we could enjoy our romantic spot at the water’s edge.

IMG_1050Kathy in the Water

Eventually, we saw another boat approaching the dock bringing in a load of non-cruise tourists to see the show. We decided to get ahead of the crowd and headed up the path again in the direction of the theater. After getting in line for the theater and each receiving a cold bottle of water, we waited for everyone to get photos taken with two of the costumed characters.

After our photo op, we were led to the front row for an ideal view of the show. The show was entertaining. It started with a rather goofy master of ceremonies, but once the dancing show started, it got better. There was lots of great dancing, acrobatics, and music. The highlights for us were all of the fire dancers, including one that sent sparks flying everywhere, and the violinist playing while flying overhead on a wire.

fireFire Dancer

The show lasted about an hour, and then we headed down the tiki-torch lit path back to our boat and back to the ship. The ride back was wild and exciting in the dark. Kathy had another Margarita, and I tried a Rum Punch.

nightSailing Away

We were back on board the ship at 10:00 pm where we found our way to our cabin, ordered cookies and milk, and settled into bed, although it was a little difficult to sleep since the ship was docked in port and not rocking us gently to sleep as the ship sailed.

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