Summer of 2015: Birthday, Beach, Napa Rose Wine Weekend: Day 2

Note: Day 2 probably won’t be of interest to anyone outside of ourselves because it was about church and lunch with family in Los Angeles.

Sunday, July 12, Day 2

We woke up and Rich started the coffee. Forty-five minutes to an hour later it was ready – lol! In the meantime, Rich headed for the breakfast area and loaded up a plate of eggs, sausage, potatoes, and muffins and 2 cups of coffee and brought it all back to the room. I then divided the food onto 2 new plates from the kitchen. I was happy to see that the potatoes were now tots, a big improvement over the other potatoes we’d eaten across the country and back.

We showered, dressed, and then drove to Whittier in L.A. County. We’d discovered that not only is there an Eastern Rite and Western Rite (Latin or Roman) in the Catholic Church, but there is also a Western Rite and an Eastern Rite in the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Western Rite in the Orthodox Church is very rare, although there is one in the Orlando area.


It was a small, friendly, warm church and because there were special events this morning, the service lasted for about two and a half hours. We had plans to visit Rich’s aunt north of L.A. and we were running late. So busy talking about the church service, we missed our I-5 exit and ended up driving through downtown L.A. and Hollywood on 101.

The traffic was backed up and we didn’t see how we’d get back on track and be on time. So Rich called his aunt and she instructed us how to get back on track. We were only a half hour late. (Btw, we’d last reported having lunch with his aunt at the Queen Mary in Long Beach on our October beach trip.)

We toured her little cottage and she shared pictures of his Uncle Charles. I’d always heard how alike Rich and Charles were and I’d seen the common gestures at our wedding. But in this photo, Charles was about Rich’s age now and the resemblance was uncanny! She shared photos of their Star Trek cruises and autographed photos, plates, and other memorabilia. We were all missing Charles!

We then made our way to the local popular barbecue joint for lunch just down the road. It was packed on a Sunday afternoon! We enjoyed the meal and company and then headed back to Aunt Eillean’s place for a tour of her garden. Her two kitties were a bit shy and we mostly just got a glance of them racing by – lol!


We hugged, took some photos and said our good-byes with plans to get together again this fall at a recreational area not far from our home in Las Vegas.

It was pretty hot that day in inland L.A. and we were still dressed in our church clothes, making us even hotter, so on the way home, we stopped off at Del Taco for a couple of milkshakes – the usual vanilla for Rich and strawberry for me.

By the time we got back to our little villa in Anaheim, it must have been close to six p.m. Totally exhausted, we rested for a bit and then finished off the bottle of wine, ate a few crackers with cheese and had milk and cookies for a bedtime snack before hitting the bed.

Oh, but of course, we couldn’t go to sleep until after the 9:30 fireworks were finished. And then we went to sleep.

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