Summer of 2015: Birthday, Beach, Napa Rose Wine Weekend: Day 3, Part 1

Sunday, July 13, Day 3

Today was the day of the big birthday celebration. Knowing it would take 45 minutes to an hour for coffee, Rich got up, started the coffee, and then got back into bed. Eventually, we got up and drank a few sips before he went to the breakfast area and brought back another plate of eggs, sausage, tots, and muffins. This time we made do with the in-room coffee.

Then we packed our beach bag and headed down Harbor Blvd. for the beach. But, first, we had to stop off and see my childhood home, like we do on most trips.

We noticed there was a house for sale a few houses down and I got out and grabbed a flyer. We’d buy it in a minute if we were in the market for a $650K house. To think, we bought ours in 1967 for about $26K.

Then we dragged ourselves away and drove to Newport Beach.  Arriving at around 11 a.m., we were about an hour too late to snag a parking place so we backtracked to Huntington Beach where there was tons of room. We parked, and carried our chairs, umbrella, and blanket to a spot near the waves. This was sublime. We watched some kids and their surfing lessons and once they left, we took turns splashing in the ocean.

Unfortunately, we were not in our swim suits because the forecast said it would be fogged in at the beach but it was perfectly sunny and beautiful and I regretted not wearing a swimsuit – I so wanted to dive right in. The water was warmer than usual, too. As it was, I rolled up my denim cutoffs, but kept tripping on the different levels of sand, trying to avoid getting my jean shorts wet. I failed. 🙂

I sat back in my chair and told Rich, “We must live near the beach.” I grew up not far from here and Rich grew up near Wildwood, NJ and he loves Huntington Beach because the long, wide beach reminds him of Wildwood. Once we were in a shop on the pier and a couple of girls mentioned, “Wildwood,” so there must be something to that.

Rich ran back to the cafe and brought back a couple of hot dogs and a churro to tide us over until our fabulous birthday dinner at Napa Rose that night. We had ressies for the 5:30 p.m. Chef’s Counter.

IMG_0219After lunch and some more beach fun, we drove back to our hotel via one of our favorite Huntington Beach Mobile Home parks, wondering if we could, perhaps, live there. 🙂

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