New Vibe and Changes at Epcot

Watching videos is a great way to catch up with the changes to WDW since we lived there last (almost 3 years ago now.)

In watching the Tim Tracker’s video of Epcot and resorts, we noticed that this new music vibe ala Disneyland is now present at World Showcase and Disney Springs. This is so cool!

This time I heard Tim say something like, “Sounds like they want a different tempo.” Yep, I’m afraid the audience is confused by this music and trying to turn it into some sort of Irish dance music when it’s more Indie Folk music. I’m not sure they’re catching on to the new vibe. But I must also say, I think that in this location, Epcot guests are expecting more traditional music, and this subtle change might be a bit jarring for some.

We also noticed the addition to Soarin’ in Epcot. And Tim mentions that the Hess stations are now Speedway. Wow! So many changes! We always used Hess when we lived in Windermere.

Other changes, of course, are obviously Magic Bands, FP+, and gates around the MK pools. Not to mention new restaurants and attractions throughout WDW. We have much to catch up on and hope to make note of these new things on this blog.

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