Anniversary on the Love Boat, Day 2, Part 3: After Dinner Drinks with Funch

After dinner, we walked the Promenade deck. Not only is it wonderfully romantic, but it’s always good to do a bit of walking after a meal like that. And we weren’t alone. Like I said before, this was the busiest Promenade deck out of all of my cruises. We just think there are too many passengers for the public spaces on Princess.

Btw, I forgot to mention the photographer who stopped by and took our picture while we were at Sabatini’s. We checked it out in the Portrait Studio and because mine came out rather well, we purchased it. And now Rich has a wallet-size, which he is super excited about.

We wandered through the Wheelhouse Bar, looking for some evening entertainment but it wasn’t quite the music we were in the mood for. Then we tried the Explorer’s Lounge because the Princess Patter said there was “Big Band” music that night. Well, it may have been a “big” band, but it wasn’t “big band music,” if you know what I mean.

We found ourselves in the Atrium, which is really the center of activity on a Princess ship. Entertainment there can be hit and miss and changes often. A pianist was playing and that was just what we were in the mood for so we grabbed a couple of seats and when a waitress stopped by, we ordered a Scotch for Rich and a Courvoisier for me. And  then two cute but annoying Asian girls started to play on the dance floor, rolling around, screaming, running and a guy sitting next to us started snapping away, taking their pictures. I’m pretty sure he was hired to do it. Unbelievable! But this cruise was heavily Asian with a Japanese tour group so maybe that’s just part of their culture.

This was so not the mood we were looking for. So we wandered up the stairs to the Crooner’s Lounge and much to our delight, this wonderful international entertainer, Funch, was playing the piano and singing. He so sounded like Barry White and we thoroughly enjoyed the next hour or two sitting and sipping. This was what we were looking for.

Funch was amazing! He sang one song after another. He took me back to my Disco days, reminding me of the wildly varied adventures I’ve had in my life. And reminded me that I can claim them all, that they’re all a part of me.

Atrium Piano Bar


Scotch on the Rocks


Barry White

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