Thanksgiving “3 in 2015” Cruise to Mexico, Day 4: Day at Sea and Disembarkation

We had room service again this morning at around the same time (6:50), but this time danish and coffee, just to tide us over until “Sea Day Brunch.” We enjoyed that so much on the Miracle and were looking forward to it on this cruise.

We showered, dressed, and headed to the Mardi Gras dining room at around 9:30. We were seated on one of those long baguette seatings – not our favorite because your neighbor is just too close. And in this close, sorry to say, but grandpa with his oxygen tank and slobbering just didn’t do much for the enjoyment of this meal. This cruise had a lot of multi-generational families, and it threw off the rhythm of the cruise a bit.

I don’t remember what exactly I did, but I either wore my sunglasses or took my glasses off so I wouldn’t be able to see anything beyond my plate and Rich. The Bloody Mary helped. We both ordered the Huevos Rancheros that I’d enjoyed last time and those fabulous cappuccino muffins – I’m addicted to them. Rich added a side of Corned Beef Hash and I took a bite.

At the same time as the Brunch at Sea was the Seuss at Sea Brunch for an extra $5. We had some of those selections on the Miracle cruise and we were definitely in the mood for an adult activity, rather than a kids. Another way Carnival is attracting more families – hope they and the party crowd can co-exist.

After brunch, we popped into the library and I found a book about technology and how robots are going to take over our less-than-ideal relationships and perhaps the next thing to come after same/sex marriage will be marriage to a robot. Yes, the book actually said all that.

We went out to the Serenity Deck and enjoyed the sea views and read for awhile. It was lovely.

IMG_6270Rich enjoying a day at sea in the Serenity Deck area

We then headed back to our cabin and ordered room service – the same as the night before. Yes, we were getting very lazy and needed to avoid the crowds. Sea days are always a bit challenging that way – too many people.

We rested, napped, packed, and enjoyed the views from our cabin.

IMG_6268Day at Sea

IMG_6275Sunset is setting

IMG_6276Sunset at Sea

After enjoying the sunset, we headed for dinner, and decided it was time to check out the Pizza Pirate. Now, before we loved the pizza on Carnival but on the Miracle they had the “new” pizza, which was so thin, it was practically a cracker. We were delighted that the Inspiration still had the “old” pizza and it was delicious. I made a little salad to go with it. I love having all the goodies of a salad bar all laid out for me without having to put it all together from scratch, like you’d have to do at home.

We stopped in the Paris Lounge and Rich got us a couple of glasses of Malbec but when football took over, we moved into the show lounge and enjoyed some quiet sipping in there.


On the way back to our cabin, we stopped by the casino lounge (Violins) and noticed there was a singalong trivia thingie going on. We danced and sang along and one woman came up to me to ask if I knew what song it was and, of course, I did, so she wrote it down on her trivia sheet. When asked who sang it, the crowd yelled Tiffany. Wrong! I Think We’re Alone Now wasn’t originally done by Tiffany – check it out:

After that fun, we headed back to our cabin and got ready for bed, anxious to return to Long Beach and get back home to our kitties.

The next morning, we grabbed a quick bite of breakfast in the buffet and headed to the library for our early bird disembarkation at 7 a.m. Disembarkation went smoothly, although we had to wait a bit for the ship to be cleared, and we were off the ship by around 8 a.m. We retrieved our car in the Queen Mary parking lot, and drove home, stopping in Barstow for a Del Taco burrito.

We were happy to be home, and the kitties were happy we were home. All in all, we’d had a really fun Thanksgiving. Carnival definitely delivers the fun. But after 3 cruises in 6 months, it’s time for a break. But 2015 was definitely the year of cruising and what fun we had!

Thanks for reading.

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