Carthay Circle Tour

We were watching some Disneyland videos on Youtube and noticed this one showing a tour of the Carthay Circle restaurant at DCA. We were so impressed with our Valentine’s Day dinner there last year, and we were anxious to take another look at it.

This gave me the idea to change the look of this blog to focus on my California history, my grandparents moving to California about the same time Walt did, touring Disneyland with my family and actually seeing Walt Disney strolling the park, and any other California historical piece I feel like blogging about. For example, here’s a photo of Walt in front of the original Carthay Circle in Hollywood.


Apparently, this tour takes place at 10:30 and lasts for about 15 minutes, which is pretty awesome because the only other way to see the restaurant upstairs is to actually dine there. So check it out:

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