“Viva Mexico” 20th Anniversary Cruise: Day 5, Mazatlan

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

We pulled into Mazatlan this morning as we got ready for our Mazatlan City Tour. We made our way to the Wheelhouse Bar by 8:30 am and were directed to sit in the Princess Theatre where we were finally escorted to our buses for the tour. Because cruise ships dock in the cargo area of the port, you must board an excursion bus or shuttle to take you off the pier and into the City. We were on the 4th bus of our group.

We had a wonderful tour guide, Lety, who told us many things about Mazatlan. We were quite impressed with the area. We stopped at a picture stop first by the lighthouse, and then made our way to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Gorgeous, awe-inspiring, and spiritually powerful! This is one reason we’re glad we’re practicing Eastern Catholics compared to Eastern Orthodox. We retain the Eastern (Byzantine) beliefs that drew us to Orthodoxy but, as Catholics, we get to experience both lungs of the church.

Then it was time for a tour of the Golden Zone where we stopped to have a snacky lunch at Margaritas. We each had a Margarita and shared Extreme Nachos with chips and yummy salsa. Mazatlan is known for their shrimp and Kathy loves shrimp but we were only hungry for the Nachos and not a big Shrimp lunch. We chatted with the Oregonians next to us, and the woman, who also loves shrimp, shared a shrimp with Kathy. We’ve met such nice, friendly people on this cruise.

Then we visited the cliff diving area and watched a diver dive from a 48 ft hill into 6 ft of water.

We returned to the ship around 1 pm after doing a little shopping at the port. If we weren’t full from our Nachos, we might have sat down and enjoyed a shrimp taco. It was a really fun area. We’d love to visit Mazatlan again.

We rested in our cabin until afternoon tea time at 3:30 pm. We had tea, sandwiches, cookies, scones w/jam and cream, and desserts. We walked a bit and visited SkyWalkers and wound up in Vines. Kathy had a glass of Domaine Chandon bubbly and Rich had Carnerara from Chile. They served us complementary sushi, which included hamachi, tuna, salmon, and California roll.

We enjoyed our Vines experience while listening to the fabulous sounds of Las Brillantes, the on-board Mariachi band.

We returned to our cabin for the evening where we had room service dinner, garden salad, lasagna, and chili with tortilla chips while watching a wonderful romantic movie, Fred & Elsa.

The weather today was cool in the morning but warm in the afternoon.
The best thing today was Nachos and Margaritas at Margaritas in the Golden Zone.
The worst thing today was waiting for our tour. This size ship is too big for us with too many people – everything takes longer.
The funniest thing today was when the Oregonian offered Kathy one of her shrimp.
Today we tried Mazatlan for the first time. And tea in the dining room.
And the result was we really enjoyed it and would to go back. We’ll do tea again, too. Excellent service and tasty snacks.
The most magical moment today was visiting the Cathedral – so special!










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