“Viva Mexico” 20th Anniversary Cruise: Day 6, Cabo San Lucas

Thursday, April 14, 2016

We were up at 7:30 am when Rich went down to the IC and brought back 2 large Cappucinos, a chocolate donut and a custard beignet for our breakfast.

At 8:00 am, we called the dining line and made reservations for DaVinci Dining Room at 7:30 pm for dinner. It’s formal night, and we will have them celebrate our anniversary when we give them our anniversary message card.

We were in Cabo on the Ruby Princess last fall and had a great time, but this time we decided to stay onboard and enjoy the adult aft pool while most passengers were in Cabo. Besides, after 2 excursions 2 days in a row, we needed a relaxing day. We’ve noticed a 5-night cruise to Cabo on the Ruby this fall so you never know…

We were out by the aft pool by 9:45 am where we got some loungers right at the aft of the ship with a fabulous view of Cabo San Lucas.

After our first dip in the pool, we each got the drink of the day, a Raspberry Margarita, and enjoyed them as we lounged in the sun and drank in the view. We overheard the couple next to us saying how much they loved Cabo because it wasn’t humid. And that’s why we’re not big Cabo fans – it’s the desert by the ocean and we already live in the desert. We prefer Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. But there’s a lot of activity in Cabo – parasailing, kayaking, etc.

We took another dip in the pool, sat out long enough to dry off and then headed back to our cabin, where our cabin steward Frankey was busy cleaning our stateroom. We wandered off until he was finished.

Back in our cabin, we ordered room service lunch, 2 cheeseburgers with fries, Cokes and cookies. After lunch, we enjoyed our nap.

We got ready for formal night and went down to Explorers Lounge at 6:30 and ordered 2 glasses of Merlot while we waited for the comedian/singer Steve Moris (toured with the Beach Boys) to start his show at 7 pm. He sang a lot of great songs, including several Beach Boys songs, taking Kathy back to her childhood growing up near the same beaches the Beach Boys sing about.

We left at 7:25 to make our 7:30 anytime dining reservation at DaVinci Dining Room. We gave the waiter our anniversary coupon and he looked puzzled. This was just the beginning of his incompetence.

Kathy had a Tian of Shrimp, Crab & Scallops with caviar, an appetizer portion of Fettucine Alfredo, and the lobster and prawns entree. Rich had escargot, appetizer Fettucine Alfredo, and beef Wellington.

(Kathy: When I saw the man to the left of me receive such a beautiful portion of lobster and shrimp and the way the waiter attentively removed the shells, well, my expectations were set high. But when mine arrived (and the man to the right of me), I noticed the lobster was very small and the shell on the lobster and shrimp was only half-removed. Btw, the 2 couples to our left arrived at least 15 minutes after we did but were finishing dessert as we were eating our entrees.)

The portions and taste of the entrees were weak. The service was atrocious for us and the other tables for 2 that were seated at the same time as us. Others around us with different waiters got much better service. We got up before dessert (along with another couple) and spoke about the issues with the maitre’d. He took our cabin numbers, so we’ll see what happens. (Nothing happened.)

We stopped back in our cabin to change out of our uncomfortable clothes and changed into smart casual clothes. Then we went back out to Crooner’s where we heard some wonderful music by Tommy McPhee while sipping on our Dino Dirty Vodka Martinis (they were a little strange, but OK). They sounded better than they tasted.

We left just at the end of his set with the Frank Sinatra medley and turned in for the night.

The weather today was perfect – sunny and warm out by the pool.
The best thing today was the two of us sipping Margaritas, while enjoying the aft pool with views of Cabo.
The worst thing today was service at dinner.
The funniest thing today was watching all the boats zip over to a private beach without refreshments while we sipped on our Margaritas.
Today we tried the anniversary card in the dining room.
And the result was our waiter was confused by it (Melanie and Johnny, who were also celebrating, said it was a special dessert) but we left before dessert.
The most magical moment today was the aft pool time.









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