“Viva Mexico” 20th Anniversary Cruise: Day 7/8, Day at Sea/Disembarkation

Friday/Saturday, April 15&16, 2016

After leaving Cabo yesterday afternoon, we almost immediately ran into high seas — 16-18 feet, and they lasted ever since. It’s been a pretty rough ride.

We slept in a little this morning after not getting much sleep last night with the rough seas.

Around 7:30, Rich went to the IC to get 2 large coffees, 2 raspberry beignets, and 2 chocolate donuts (with that amazing chocolate!). We enjoyed these in our room. We needed a morning nap to recover from the near sleepless night.

We finally got ready about 11:45 am and went to the dining room to be seated for lunch. Because of the Noro virus, the buffet lines were reported to be very long and slow because the servers had to serve the passengers, instead of the usual serve-yourself situation.

Since we arrived a little after noon, the tables for 2 were already taken, so we had to sit at a table for 10 with other couples – a Chicago couple, a Canadian couple from Niagara Falls, a Mexican couple, and an ex-Long Beach couple living in Washington state. When the Long Beach couple said that last night’s seas was an “E Ticket ride,” we smiled and agreed. But the other people at the table looked confused so he had to explain it to the rest of them.

Kathy had bean soup, a muffuletta, and a piece of chocolate pecan pie. Rich had pasta as an appetizer (they served the wrong pasta), the muffuletta, and the chocolate pecan pie. The conversation was unfortunately dominated by the stupid Chicago couple. Excruciating. And the dining room was very weak again — serving the wrong items, not refilling empty water glasses, etc.

After lunch, we stopped in the atrium to listen to a great 7-piece band play music with a saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, drums, and a guitar.

We did a quick run through the shops for any last minute items, but found nothing.

Tired, we returned to our cabin to rest, pack, and eat a room service dinner with 2 glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon, 2 club sandwiches with chips, and milk & cookies.

We watched another movie, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. on our cabin TV. And spent another sleepless night with the ship knocking around constantly with 18 foot waves out there. It was quite unnerving, and our internet wasn’t working. We felt quite cut off from civilization.

Tomorrow we are in Walk Off Group #5 that meets in Club Fusion at 8:00 am tomorrow morning (we set our clocks back an hour tonight). Then it’s off the ship, through customs, to our car in the parking lot, and our 4-5 hour drive home.

The weather today was super windy with high seas, knocking us around.
The best thing today was watching a movie together snuggled in bed.
The worst thing today was the high seas.
The funniest thing today was realizing that those who enjoy larger tables are those who love to talk about themselves.
Today we tried a large table.
And the result was service was all mixed up and the passenger interaction was draining. We’d had many wonderful conversations with other passengers earlier in the cruise, but by the end of a 7-night cruise, we’d had enough of that.
The most magical moment today was the 7-piece band in the atrium – especially after that lunch. Prefer to be with musicians than gabbing passengers talking about their businesses.


Disembarkation went rather smoothly, as did the drive home to Las Vegas. It had been a wonderful celebratory adventure (we are so hooked on Mexico), but we were glad to regain more control of our life once we were away from the rather constrained shipboard life, but, still, dreaming of a future cruise. Cruising is addicting.

Like all cruise ship lines, Princess has its pros and cons. What it does well, it does really well. What it doesn’t do well is just the reality of the cruise itself, so big with with so many passengers. We walked at least 3 miles a day and, while we walk at home, usually not more than a mile a day. That was a good thing with all of the yummy food we ate and Rich only gained 1 pound on the cruise. Kathy isn’t weighing yet. 🙂

We’re both still recovering from our vacation.

Cruise ships are getting too big for us –  we prefer smaller ships (under 100,000 grt) with only 2100 or fewer passengers. We don’t need all the bells and whistles onboard a ship. Give us a nice cabin, an aft pool, and a wraparound promenade deck and we’re pretty happy.

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