Fort Wilderness Cabins

The reality of starting off with a Disneyland AP and winding up with a Premier with trips to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World would be quite a stretch for the vacation budget. We’ve already had a big cruise this year, celebrating our 20th anniversary.

So… over the next couple of weeks, we must decide if we’re going to do the Disneyland AP or skip it and do a Fall Food & Wine Festival Disney World trip. Just in case, we’ve booked both.

For one thing, by the time we added up the cost of a Disneyland AP with numerous trips throughout the year, we can do WDW instead. (Rich just sent me the cost comparison and the DL plan would actually be $1,000 more than the WDW plan.) Albeit, that would mean one trip instead of several so the question is, “Is it worth it?”

We’ve always wanted to stay at the Fort Wilderness cabins and now that they’ve upgraded them with a Queen bed, instead of a Double, we’ve decided to go with that. We still don’t like how the bed is up against the wall, making it hard for that person to get in and out (my side of the bed), but we’re hoping to manage it. There’s always the bunk beds – lol!

This is a very attractive choice for us because we’ll have access to the MK resorts and we love to hang out at Fort Wilderness. We also like the DVC features but it’s a standalone, which makes it even more attractive and, even better, it’s priced as a Moderate.


Here’s a video tour from All Ears:

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