Sharing Contemporary Resort Memories

I stumbled across this video where people are sharing their memories of staying at the Contemporary Resort and it reminded me of the first time I heard about it.

My ex and I both worked for major printing companies in San Francisco. And his company was the vendor for Disney World post cards and other marketing material. Epcot was the big news and when I saw the artist drawings for Epcot, I knew I had to go. And to top it all off, the fact that the monorail traveled right through a hotel on Disney World property was the clincher – I had to stay!!!

We combined this trip with our very first cruise – on Carnival’s first ship, the Mardi Gras from Miami. That totally changed my life. And then we flew to Orlando after the cruise and stayed at the Contemporary for 3 nights. Back then it was a whopping $105 per night – lol! That was the most I’d ever spent on a room at that time. The restaurant at the top was totally out of my reach.

I was completely blown away by the Contemporary and fell madly in love with Epcot – it’s still my favorite park.

After that, we drove to Tampa and I wondered then what it would be like to live there. This was 1982 and Rich and I moved there in 2003 and stayed at the Contemporary for the first time together in early December. Before check-in, we shopped at the Christmas Store at Downtown Disney and when we checked in, we loaded all these special gifts on the luggage cart.

In 2006, we lived 2 miles behind Cinderella Castle and there was nothing like driving past the Magic Kingdom with Cinderella’s Castle all lit up at night, under the bridge where the boats slipped past silently except for an occasional “toot toot” (which we could hear from our townhome), and beyond the Contemporary.

Since that first trip, we’ve dined at several of the top-tier restaurants, but have yet to dine at the California Grill. We must rectify that at some point.

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