The California vs. Florida “Don’t Think, Just Surrender” Trip Report, Part 2

We were a bit restless Saturday morning and didn’t know what we wanted to do this day. We’d had such an amazing weekend getaway just a month before and we were a bit discombobulated on this trip after not getting the corner room we’d imagined and checking out of Huntington Beach and then checking into Anaheim. For a brief moment we thought about getting tickets for the parks, but we really dislike doing it that way and were missing our APs. Besides, we planned on returning in a couple of weeks. We’d save the parks for then.

We talked about driving up to Saddleback to look at some properties. I’d had an interview with a company in Irvine and while they weren’t interested in letting me telecommute for a few months until we could make the move, at the right time, another opportunity might appear.

Rich made us coffee and grabbed a bite of breakfast for us – their breakfasts have really deteriorated. No more potatoes of any kind. So he got us 2 mini biscuits with gravy and a bagel. Then we hopped in the car and drove down Chapman. Rich forgot to get directions so I suggested he pull into Christ Cathedral and we could plug the address into the GPS then. Rich pulled in and parked and got out to take a photo. But when the bells went off, I got out of the car, too, and took some video.


Unfortunately, my iPhone won’t allow me to upload it to YouTube ever since that latest update, which has caused me so many problems, I don’t think I’ll get another iPhone.

We walked the property, noticing another wedding taking place on the grounds and the progress that had been made since our last visit. Then we hopped back in the car and drove to Saddleback. It was a beautiful drive and we thought how nice it would be to live there, but the property was quite disappointing.

By this time we were starving for lunch, so we headed to Laguna Beach. I’d seen a new restaurant on “Real Housewives of Orange County” called Tortilla Republic but it was in that very busy section of PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and we couldn’t find a parking place. We kept driving, thinking we’d stop in at Las Brisas, one of our favorites, but it’s a tricky place to spot and we must have driven right past it.

Heading north, we crossed over into Newport Beach and remembered “Sol,” another Mexican restaurant we’d tried after spotting it on “Housewives” a few years ago. We left the car with valet and were seated in a booth with a waterview, and each ordered a “Pineapple Serrano Margarita” and a “Garlic Ribeye Steak Taco” with rice and beans.

The Margaritas were AMAZING and the Tacos were WOW WOW WOW! The tortillas were made from scratch and cooked the way I remember my mother making them when I was a kid. There are tons of tacos out there – it seems everybody has a version of taco, but these were “THE BEST EVER.” Too many places either serve them in a hard shell or a soft shell or double the soft shell that are so thin, they break. These were cooked hard enough to hold the ingredients yet soft enough to fold. And the flavor! Oh my!



After lunch, we returned to the resort and took a nap to rest up for an evening at Downtown Disney.

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