The California vs. Florida “Don’t Think, Just Surrender” Trip Report, Part 3

After our nap, we had a wake-up snack of a shared Reese’s PB cups and the rest of our sodas from the drive. Then we drove to Downtown Disney, expecting to use the Valet service. On our last trip, we’d complained about the nasty surprise in the rate hike. Well, surprise, surprise, valet parking is completely gone – at least for now. We waited in line but didn’t see any valets and then we realized it was gone. Thankfully, we found a parking spot nearby, so self-park was pretty painless.

We walked past the Disneyland Hotel and then turned left toward Downtown Disney. Ry Bradley and his band was playing so we stopped for a song or two. They are so fabulous! Then we had to stop for another cool band, new to us. I took some video but I still can’t upload it to YouTube after that latest iPhone update. Will try to get to them via the computer. Anyway, I think they were called “Street Lighting Cadence.” Way cool!

Then we strolled down toward the GC to grab a bite and drink in Hearthstone Lounge. We ordered our usual Robusto Flatbread to share and this time, instead of our usual Habanero Margarita, we decide to each have a glass of Argento Reserva Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina. This is where we first discovered Cupcake Winery so it was a nice nod to that time.

After our nosh, we stopped in at the GC gift shop (Acorn’s), and a Mickey ring caught my attention – all sparkly and everything! I love rings so Rich couldn’t resist buying it for me. We also picked up a box of Mickey shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate to take home. All buttery and chocolaty! YUM!

We then made our way to World of Disney, hoping to find our annual Disneyland calendar. Well, it was so packed and we got distracted and forgot to look for one. Last year, we ordered on online so we may have to do that.

We hiked back to the parking lot to pick up our car and drive back to the hotel. Overall, it was a fun night, but something was off this trip. Maybe because we were just there a month before. Or maybe we just have Florida on our minds.

Speaking of that, at this point, we were still booked for the Disneyland trip later this month, but I woke up early the next morning and told Rich, “I can’t come back here in just a couple of weeks.” So we cancelled that trip and looks like we’ll be headed to Florida after all. More on that in a future post.

We had our morning coffee and skipped breakfast, I think. We headed for the road, stopped for gas and snacked on some of our leftover cheese and crackers and had lunch once we arrived home at around 1p.m.


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