The Great Movie Ride and Geyser Point Bar & Grill

We decided to hit the Studios this past weekend and ride The Great Movie Ride one more time before it closes in August/September, according to rumors. We were surprised by the Robert Osbourne narration – we hadn’t been since that had appeared about 3 years ago. We love Robert Osbourne and it was great hearing him again.

The parking lot was so confusing, we ended up going out the exit when we were trying to park. Grrrrr! But eventually, we were parked and seated in the tram. I have to say how much I love kids at Disney and people-watching in general. It fills my soul, giving me that kind of casual people interaction I crave so much now that I’m no longer working onsite. You know, being surrounded by people, especially in a fun environment, exchanging smiles or maybe a word or two.

We had a FP+ for The Great Movie Ride so we headed straight there.

This was the first I’d seen so many people with their iPads in the air taking photos, recording, etc. Disney forbids selfie sticks, why not iPads? They’re so intrusive. Haven’t really seen that much at Disneyland. Anyway, I sat there taking photos with my iPhone since it was probably the last time we would ride this.

Afterwards we grabbed a couple of Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches – yum! – and watched the Star Wars parade.  We stopped to read the Brown Derby menu, but then strolled through a shop, took photos, and made our way out of the park.

Next stop: lunch at Geyser Point Bar & Grill

With Trout Pass Bar closed, we were really curious about Geyser Point – what would it feel like? Could it ever take the place of our beloved Trout Pass?

We found some comfortable seating, watched the interaction with the bartender and guests sitting at the bar realizing that’s the place to be for that Trout Pass feeling – we’ll sit there some time.

Rich ordered the Captains Mai Tai for him and the Grand Margarita for me. We recognized these as pool drinks at the Grand Californian.

Then we opted to share the Cheesy Barbecue Brisket we’d heard so much about and the Salmon BLT. Wow! The salmon was as tasty as if we were dining at Artist Point. We so loved that – next time we might each get one and skip the Brisket – didn’t wow us quite as much as we’d expected. Tasty, though. We thoroughly enjoyed our drinks, lunch, the company, and the view.

We were glad we’d arrived before noon because by the time we were leaving, the place was packed. People were sitting on rock formations eating, and a group of nice ladies came up to us as we were paying the bill and asked if they could have our table. “Sure,” I said, “Go ahead and have a seat,” as I pointed to the two chairs we weren’t using.




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