If It’s Saturday, It Must Be Disney

For most of the years we lived in Las Vegas, we’d sip our coffee on a Saturday morning and say, “When we lived in Florida, we could wake up on a Saturday morning and go to Disney (World).” And that’s pretty much what we’ve been doing now that we’re back – only this time it’s even better.

It’s better because of Fast Pass Plus. Sometime during the week, we make a FP+ reservation for one of the parks and then we can relax. All we have to do is show up. So last Saturday, we decided to return to Epcot because we’d just discovered the new hazelnut chocolate Beignets. We didn’t know they were new until we read the Disney Food Blog.

Our FP+ this time would be Soarin’. We’d ridden the new Soarin’ back at Disneyland and this would be our first time at WDW.

We arrived at rope drop and entered the bag free and Annual Passholder’s lines and were quickly inside the park. We headed straight for France to start our day with those yummy beignets. This time we each got one instead of sharing and Rich also chose some kind of bready thing with bacon. I took a bite but stuck to my beignet. YUM! We got a coffee to share.

Our FP wasn’t until 11 a.m. so we decided it was time to catch up with the Epcot resorts so we headed for the Yacht Club, our home away from home. We talked about how we must stay over again sometime.

Inside the YC, we noticed merchandise from the gift shop stuck out in the lobby, so we marched on over to the previous location to see what we could find out. The CM greeted us and I knew I must have been frowning because I was not happy with what I was seeing. So when she asked how we were, I told her we hadn’t been there for 5 years and it had changed. She said this renovation had just started  and the lobby merchandise was temporary. They’re adding hot and cold food items because guests were complaining there was no food court or any way to pick up some quick service food.

Ah, yes, we always noticed that too, when we stayed there. We think it’ll be a good addition.

Then we left the YC and marched on over to the Boardwalk via the “Swolphin” where the RWA conference will be held this year this July, exchanging our traditional kiss at the top of the walkway and then on to the Boardwalk, getting our first look at the new Flying Fish, the Abracadabar, the Trattoria al Forno, and Ample Hill Creamery ice cream. We began making plans to return to do some kind of progressive dinner (Trattoria instead of Flying Fish for the dinner portion).

It was scorching hot today, but we kept marching until we were in the FP line for Soarin’. For some reason, I wasn’t feeling that confident riding this ride. This was the first time feeling that for this one, but I am noticing this is happening more frequently for me (last time it was Test Track). So this may be the last time for this ride. Besides, after the first time, I’m not that wowed by it. We were surprised by the different ending than the one at Disneyland so that was fun.

We kept chugging through the park and out to the parking lot. Today’s walking mileage: 5 miles.

We made our way home, talking about how once we’re living at the beach, we’ll have to do some overnight trips to get the full WDW experience. We’ll be about the same distance as we were when we lived in Tampa and we sometimes did overnights then, although a day trip still works, too.

But, for now, we’re going to try to get in as much Disney as we can while we’re living closer, and it helps to kill some time while we wait for the house building adventure to begin. The apartment is getting a bit close for us and the cats, but that’s a story for another blog post.


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