‘Brunch at the Top’ of the Contemporary (California Grill) on Easter

We drove to Orlando for Easter liturgy at St. Nicholas (our church when we lived in Windermere), leaving our house at the beach in the dark. We’d made a last minute ressie at California Grill for “Brunch at the Top” for 12:35, which had just become available. Although we’ve stayed at the Contemporary, we’d never been to California Grill so we were excited to try it out for brunch.

Of course, we arrived way too early. But after valet parking the black Challenger, we killed some time browsing the gift shops, taking photos, sightseeing (Catholic Mass and Protestant services for Easter were held in the ballroom), and relaxing in the comfy chairs. But even so, we were still 90 minutes early. So we stopped in at the podium and asked if we could be seated early. After some checking, they said yes. 🙂

Escorting us to the 15th floor via elevator was a nice touch. So were the Mimosas we were offered once we arrived. We got a sneak preview of the buffet as we were escorted to our window seat. Our server, whose name I did not notice, but was from Columbus, Ohio, was excellent! She explained how the brunch worked – the self-service items and the entrees you order, allowing for about 15 minutes.

Rich and I put a few selections on our plate and then put in our entree orders: Steak and eggs with Chimichurri sauce for Rich and Lobster Benedict for me. Everything was pretty delicious! We especially enjoyed the Sushi and the Prosciutto with red onion marmalade. OMG! The Lobster and eggs were so creamy – wow! And a simple California Roll was the best I’ve ever had. Rich had several of his favorite: Hamachi Nigiri. Oh, and the Cheddar Biscuit and Sticky Bun were pretty tasty, too!

We were then served a little dessert tower but dessert, for us, was the weakest. We weren’t really that fond of any of them, except, perhaps, the little cake. We each sampled one there and brought the rest home.

Brunch at $80 pp may sound steep but it was the only meal we ate all day, and it included the $33 valet parking fee.

We then walked out on the outside panoramic viewing area and took more photos.

Views of Bay Lake Tower from the Contemporary

Fantasia Market at the Contemporary

Red monorail inside the Contemporary

Red monorail passing through

Yellow monorail approaching

Yellow monorail zipping off to the MK

Red monorail passing right below us

Green monorail passing by Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom

Unlimited Mimosas

Rich’s plate of assorted goodies

Kathy’s plate of goodies

Rich’s Steak and Eggs

Kathy’s Lobster Benedict

Dessert Tower

View of the Grand Floridian from the Top of the Contemporary

View of Wilderness Lodge from the top of the Contemporary

View of the Polynesian from the top of the Contemporary


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2 thoughts on “‘Brunch at the Top’ of the Contemporary (California Grill) on Easter

  1. Larry says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! By the way, they have a wonderful Spicy Kazan Roll.


  2. Kathy says:

    I also had a shrimp tempura roll but I missed that one, I think. Yum!


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