Prepping for Disneyland at Disney World at the Dolphin, Day One Part One

So we chose to do an overnight at the Dolphin as our pet sitter test trip before going on a cross-country Disneyland and cruise trip. As it turns out, we were testing a lot more than the pet sitter – we were doing a whole test run for the bigger trip. Btw, the pet sitter is totally awesome!

We left home at 7 a.m. Friday morning to get to the Magic Kingdom by rope drop at 9 a.m. We got into some traffic on I-4 due to an accident (what else is new) but we detoured at Altamonte Springs and made it pretty much on time. We parked at the TTC, took the tram to the ferry and ferried over. We had two fastpasses: one for Pirates (eager to see the new “Redhead” scene especially as Fresh Baked had a detailed comparison to the before and after at Disneyland) and for Haunted Mansion. We also had lunch ressies at Skipper’s Canteen.

A beautiful morning at the Magic Kingdom

Before our first FP window, we rode the People Mover and then Carousel of Progress, two rides no longer at Disneyland, obviously. Rich hadn’t been to the MK since we lived here last time about six years ago. I’d popped in last summer to ride Mine Train, which I was not a fan of. In the meantime, we’d been to Disneyland numerous times of late so the layout seemed all wrong to us – lol!

We stopped to get breakfast: Mickey Bar for Rich and Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich for me – nothing better than that – lol!

Rich and his Mickey Bar

Then it was time for our FP window for Pirates. On our way, we passed  the Skipper Canteen, which I call the Skipper’s Canteen, maybe because our oldest cat is named Skipper. I’d taken this photo when I saw it for the first time last summer, but this was Rich’s first view of it. We were both looking forward to lunch.

Skipper Canteen

We were a bit disappointed that really the only change for Pirates at WDW was the redhead scene – we were all geared up to notice the differences like at Disneyland but, of course, the ride is so different here at WDW and so less than. You get used to it but when you’re used to Disneyland, it seems like more of a non-ride.

A bit blurry so here’s a shot from the internet (we forgot the camera at home. Tip #1: pack camera for next trip)

We also stopped in to watch Country Bears, which is no longer at Disneyland

Country Bears, no longer at Disneyland

Second FastPass window for Haunted Mansion was open

I used to be more excited by this version with the stairs but after the Disneyland HM recently and with the holiday overlay, I noticed it was no longer a favorite.

We wandered through Fantasyland and noticed It’s a Small World had a very long line and Peter Pan was 70 minutes. Not surprised by thought we’d take a look anyway. We made our way through the Castle and was rewarded with the Fairy Godmother.

Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother and friends

Then we headed for Skipper’s Canteen, although we were about half an hour early. We took a chance that they could seat us early, which they did. Rich will write about our yummy lunch next.


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