Missing Theme Parks – Are We On the Wrong Coast?

(Warning: this is a bit of a rant with contradictory emotions!)

I’m really missing theme parks. Even Universal Florida and Sea World look fun as I watch Mouse Steps and Tim Tracker videos, and I normally skip them. I’m a bit frustrated with California and its slowness to open. Now I feel like this is the wrong time to be out West – lol! (Especially since 1000s have signed a petition to NOT open Disneyland yet).

And Mr. CheezyPop (originally from New York) sits in his apartment in Los Angeles and complains about Orange County lifting their mask restrictions. Normally, I adore him. But, like any OC girl who avoids anything L.A. I’d like to say, “Mind your own business.” Especially if you’re not even from California. Sheesh! I’m really sick of this global world and people sticking their noses into other people’s business. Boundaries, people. Boundaries.

Earlier in the Pandemic, I was glad we were back West, but I’ve had enough of closures. We haven’t been to Disneyland since Rich’s birthday last August and in SoCal in general since last September. Our focus has been on building/buying/moving into this new house ever since we went under contract last October. This is a long time for us to stay put, especially in Nevada when our recreation is in SoCal. That’s one reason we moved to Florida three times – Disney and the beach within reach. Unless you’re in a Pandemic, of course. Lol! But at least they’ve opened or are opening in Florida. In California, who knows?

We definitely won’t be celebrating my birthday at Napa Rose this year since the Grand Californian isn’t supposed to open until July 24th. Or is it the 23rd? I don’t know, I’m so pissed about all of this, I try not to even think about it, let alone read about it.

The problem is… people are the problem. You think maybe things could open safely if we took precautions but many people just won’t do it. I get it. I don’t get it. I hate this whole situation. As someone who already struggles with depression, I have to say, this only makes it worse. (Apparently, this has become quite the problem worldwide during this time.)

But plans are afoot – the OC Register posted an article here. But every article you read about this situation includes a recap of why things have “shuttered.”

That brings me to words/phrases I have come to despise:

shelter in place
Coronavirus or Covid-19

I’m just rambling today I know. There are good days when I can immerse myself in writing and music. There are not so good days when I can’t. All I can do today is watch videos of people in theme parks. And that makes me smile, and long to do the same.


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