Disneyland Reopening Guidelines Leaked or… How to Look Good as a Politician

We were just saying last night how the Disneyland drama is making California Governor Newsom look bad and what was he going to do about that?

How about release the guidelines to open theme parks? But… what about when the guidelines are so strict, you can’t imagine them opening any time soon. Win, win, right? Not if you’re in the theme park business or employee or fan.

Why provide opening guidelines so much stricter than theme parks in other states (Florida) and/or other countries? Locals only? Yellow tier? I could see orange tier (the OC isn’t even there yet), but yellow? This “thing” will be over by then.

I’d say Governor Newson won this one. What will be Disneyland’s response? Or, perhaps, this is just the beginning of negotiations.

Anyway, check out the details and what David of FreshBakedDisney (YouTube) has to say here.

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One thought on “Disneyland Reopening Guidelines Leaked or… How to Look Good as a Politician

  1. Kathy says:

    I’m pretty sure there will be pushback because:
    (a) Disney has promised to honor those with previous reservations
    (b) Disney would like to open hotels and, therefore, as their practice, offer park tickets to hotel guests
    (c) The City of Anaheim and other nearby cities will be interested in filling nearby hotels and locals won’t be staying there
    (d) The yellow requirement is unreasonable
    (e) Shortchanges other travel industries such as the airlines and other businesses that cater to guests beyond the 120-mile radius


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