Trump Trumps Disneyland Reopening?

The latest Disneyland drama is that Disneyland asked the state of California to delay publishing those super restrictive guidelines until after they’ve had a chance to present their case. Now why wasn’t that happening anyway? The governor made comments like they were working together, when, in fact, it seems not, since he was willing to publish those guidelines that pretty much prohibited Disneyland to re-open until this whole “Bob” thing was over. And since they weren’t published last Friday, as expected, we’re assuming talks are under way.

And, then, of course, you’ve probably heard about Bob Igor leaving the Governor’s “Economic Recovery Task Force,” which must be practically nonexistence since California is being so strict.

But will the news that Trump has “the Bob” affect Disneyland’s reopening? How will people react? Hide under their beds? I know I feel like being even more cautious, although I think things should open up safely to allow people to make their own decisions about whether to participate in something.

Trump has been really stupid, no doubt about it, but that’s the classic Narcissist for you. The rules don’t apply to them. They’re above it all. And when you question them, you get Lies, lies, lies, and more lies. You can’t call them on it so you use the word “confusion” a lot, which is the word the coverage regarding his health is using quite a bit.

Having had a close, lifelong relationship with a Narcissistic family member, I know how this goes. Only I didn’t know what was going on for so long because I didn’t understand Narcissism. Everything was confusion. Until I knew. And then it all made sense. But making sense of it or not, it still makes me sick. I’ve had enough of lies.

I pray for President Trump’s recovery, and for the world’s recovery, physically, economically, and spiritually.

PS – This is the first I was forced to use the new block editor in WordPress and I hate it. Will I get used to it, move this blog or will this be the end of blogging for me? Not sure yet.

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