Why Isn’t Disneyland Doing More?

This is the question on the mind of many a Disneylander. If Knott’s can do it, why can’t Disneyland? Are they holding out until they can open the complete parks. Or should I say “have” they been holding out, because it doesn’t look like this is going to happen this year at all. They’ve missed holding a Halloween event like Knott’s Berry Farm’s “Fall o’Ween,” complete with treat trail. Will Disneyland do something special for Christmas? A Holiday Food & Wine Event in DCA, perhaps?

That also doesn’t seem likely when you look at how they’re doing Downtown Disney – Halloween merch and treats but no decorations As a Disneyland fan, I feel really let down by Disney. There’s so much more they could be doing. Isn’t there? Isn’t this a time they should be reaching out to their fans, providing that extra Disney magic where possible? (We could all use some Disney magic about now.)

Or are we not privvy to what might be preventing them from doing what Knotts is doing? Or are they only interested in selling us more merch without offering any atmosphere to go with it? More money, less effort. Take, for example, the newly-opened Stage 17, a dark warehouse full of Disneyland merch, located just inside DCA, but you’d never know it.

We don’t need more Disney stores, more merch, more treats designed for Instagram with vloggers trolling the place – lol. Where’s the atmosphere that Disney is famous for – that’s why we go – much more than for the rides. I’ve had my own roller coaster ride with the closing of Disneyland for 7 months and counting, but before it opens again, we need some serious changes like real capacity limits inside and outside the parks.

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