Disneyland Reopens Buena Vista Street in DCA: Why We Won’t Be Going

Before I get into our Knott’s Berry Farm “Fall O’Ween” trip report, I wanted to acknowledge the news that Disneyland is scooching into DCA by opening Buena Vista Street for shopping and snacking – mostly shopping. I think we were all excited to hear this news – we’ve all been dreaming of a “Taste of Main Street” at Disneyland Park or a “Festival of the Holidays” type thing at DCA. But on closer inspection, some, like us, have realized that these tiny baby steps are not what we had in mind. My question is, is there time to then pull out a Holiday Festival after testing the Buena Vista Street opening? Or is this all there is? If so, we’re not interested.

Other questions, how will they do crowd control? They don’t seem to be going the Knott’s route by issuing tickets for a special event. So until they come up with a plan that interests us, we won’t be going. Disneyland only seems interested in selling more merch, not giving the fans what they can.

The other thing we won’t be doing is going to WDW until they open up Epcot before noon. We did see that holiday hours show Epcot opening at 10 but then early next year going back to the noon opening. We like to hit the parks early, take an afternoon break, and then return in the evening. With the noon to 8 pm hours, well, let’s just say, that doesn’t work for us. Buying a full park ticket for such limited hours… not interested.

Things are changing every day so we’ll all be tuning in for the next piece of this drama.

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