Knott’s Berry Farm Beats Disneyland With a “Taste of Merry Farm”

Knott’s Berry Farm is being so smart with how they’ve been handling this time of theme park closures. Offering people a real experience. We just returned from a “Taste of Fall-o-Ween,” which was fabulous. And now Knott’s has announced the “Taste of Merry Farm,” their Christmas version of the previous tastes.

We weren’t sure they would announce it before the Fall event ended (November 1), but we applaud them for putting tickets on sale before Disneyland gives solid details about what they’re up to. At this point, if it’s just more shopping, we’ll pass, although we’d love to have a Martini at Carthay Circle.

We’ve got our tickets, and will be waiting to hear the details of the Buena Vista Street opening of DCA to see if we can combine both things or, perhaps, wait for a better opportunity early next year.

Btw, the video of our “Taste of Fall-O-Ween” event has been posted on YouTube. And it was so fun to include a song I’d created/produced for this year’s “50/90” event. Check it out here.

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