Florida Governor Comments On Mask Mandates, Fines, Lockdown, Knott’s Merry Farm, and More…

“Mandates don’t work.” I agree, up to a point. Lockdowns (and curfews) are harmful overall. There’s a way to stay safe, take precautions, accept certain limitations, but still work and live freely. (I do think masks are a good thing, although I dislike wearing them).

To find out what, exactly he said, check out the Florida governor’s latest words on Closures, Masks, and Mandates, Found in today’s email from the Disney Food Blog. Contrast that to the ridiculous curfew the California governor set to go into effect the day we arrived for the Knott’s Taste of Berry Farm event. Nevada has also tightened up – back to 50 people at church and 25% occupancy at restaurants. Some are closing temporarily during this time.

Gotta love Florida’s governor. I know I do. Btw, we are not politically aligned with either party – we are registered as Independents. And no, we did not vote for the lunatic.

We had a good time at Knott’s, but the food wasn’t quite as good to us as Fall O Ween, and the crowds were busier. The Christmas music, decorations, and atmosphere were the best part.

Somebody even came up to us and asked that we take a photo of them with her phone. I think that’s a bit rude under these circumstances, but Rich is too nice to say no. I hated waking up in the middle of the night knowing there was a curfew. That doesn’t work anyway. People (aka Huntington Beach and other cities) staged a protest at the pier at 10:01 p.m. and they can just gather in people’s homes, where the real problems are happening anyway.

For example, I don’t believe Cheezypop and the picture he paints that he’s been living under his bed for the past 8 months. Except for a couple of trips to Knott’s and Disneyland. Those are safe environments, which he proclaimed loudly. So how did he get Covid? He claims “it’s that contagious.” Oh, did it lift up and get under his super duper mask? I think not. I suspect by socializing with people not living in his apartment. Girlfriend. Maybe other friends? I don’t intend to be mean or disrespectful. But let’s be honest, okay? Something’s wrong with that picture.

“Adam the Woo” and Dillon of “Theme Park Obsession” have landed in Florida, “escaping California,” to put it in their words. Adam has even mentioned moving out of California and perhaps back to his Florida roots. A closed society is not a creative environment for his YouTube business. “Best Life and Beyond” are also joining then at WDW sometime this month. Good for them. We’re still planning a spring trip, depending on if/when/where the cruise industry opens. Is another move in our future? lol!

Photo Opp at front of Knott’s

Christmas tree at Knott’s (something Disneyland does not have in the recently opened Buena Vista Street at DCA)

Turkey Dinner Tater Tots

Cherry Lime Margaritas

Boysenberry Beer


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